Covid 19 Measures

We all recognize these are trying times, and our mutual goal of guarding our health now takes priority over planning vacations or summer activities.
Assuming that conditions improve in our country, and that travel restrictions are removed, we would like to note the changes we will implement at Bayview Suites to help ensure your safety.
1. All units will be disinfected during each Saturday cleaning; we will of course try to avoid check-in delays during this process.
2. All sheets and pillow cases will be new each week and discarded after your check-out. Pillows will be washed each week (you may prefer to bring your own).
3. We have not rented our units since last fall, and they have been un-occupied since then. The units will remain un-occupied until our first rentals in June, again assuming the removal of travel restrictions.
4. We will provide single use dishes (paper plates, cups, and utensils) in original packaging to be consumed, discarded, and replaced as needed. Our normal complement of standard dinnerware remains available for those who prefer their use with our dishwashers.
5. Your deposit will be totally refunded if we are notified 30 days in advance of your reservation. We would of course appreciate notification sooner should your plans change earlier.

We all hope that our situation will be improved by summer, but we will plan “an abundance of caution” until that time, and look forward to a safe and enjoyable time at Bayview and Lake George. If you have any suggestions on other steps we could take to ensure your safety, please let us know.


Kyle and Ashley